Virgin Mobile switching to iPhone-only

Also offering promotion of year of unlimited service for $1

Virgin Mobile USA, in an attempt to pull in more customers, has announced that it will transition into an iPhone only carrier, partnering with Apple to offer Virgin in their stores. To promote this change, they are giving a limited time offer of a year’s worth of unlimited talk, text and data for one dollar, as long as you are willing to purchase an iPhone via Apple or Virgin. Virgin will carry the iPhone SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus, 7 and 7 Plus. The deal will be available until July 31, upon which the deal will be cut down to six months of unlimited service. Virgin hopes a mass signup will result in increased revenue when the usual $50 monthly plan kicks in after the promotional grace period.

Of course, the fine print notes that high speed data will be limited to the first 23 gigabytes of the year before they begin to throttle your bandwidth. The plan will also include only 100 megabytes of domestic data roaming, upon which Virgin would theoretically have the right to terminate your service.

Additionally, Virgin will offer side bundles for those interested in international calls, as well as unlimited texts to international numbers. Also, Virgin is using this opportunity of new customers to wrangle them into their Inner Circle program, which promises to offer perks with other Virgin ventures, such as their airline, their hotel chain and their line of wines. That program also opens customers up to the possibility of entering sweepstakes for the opportunity to win a ride with Virgin Racing or Virgin Galactic.

This appears to be Virgin following a trend in mobile providers trying to get back in to the mainstream. For example, Sprint, who is Virgin Mobile’s parent company, also advertised a promotion to offer a free year of unlimited service to those who switch from another mobile operator.

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