Teen enters pearly gates of Prom in hearse and coffin

Grand over-the-top entrances have become the new norm.  Some to make an impact at an awards show and mostly for view and likes to amplify one’s social media.  Well this is a new one.  A high school girl in New Jersey showed up to her junior prom in a coffin.

Megan Flaherty, 17, made her dramatic entrance — hearse and all — to the Pennsauken High School junior prom on Saturday evening.

“I like being different,” she teensplained to NJ.com, though part of her decision was motivated by the fact that she wants to be a funeral director one day.

Flaherty said she gets that many people are uncomfortable with death and the things that come with it. “It’s a natural thing of life,” she said, and she’s become very comfortable with it as she has gotten interested in mortuary work.

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