Shooter at San Francisco UPS facility kills three and self

Still determining if shooter worked at UPS or used uniform to get in improperly

Three people were killed and two others injured when a man infiltrated a UPS complex in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. When the police came in to confront the man, who was wearing a UPS uniform, he shot himself in the head and died. The shooting occurred at 8:55 AM, and police were able to sort out the situation by 10:30 AM, with the help of dozens of police cars, fire trucks and ambulances coming to the area. While two bodies remained on the concrete, immediately, the three other wounded were taken to San Francisco General Hospital. One person died on arrival. Police also towed away a BMW sedan believed to be owned by the suspect.

According to at least one witness, it was an employee at the company who used a handgun to shoot up the complex. Another UPS employee says he was on the third floor when he heard “metal on metal” noises and people shouting. Once he got out of the building, he said that he saw the shooter fire across a street and hit at least one person.

Despite these witnesses’ accounts, Assistant Police Chief Toney Chaplin was not willing to confirm that the shooter was indeed an employee of UPS. Also, Chaplin said that not only a handgun, but an assault pistol was also recovered from the shooter’s body. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee also released a statement of condolences, saying “We all know the familiar faces of our local UPS drivers and delivery persons… Even one shooting and one victim is too many.”

At least 350 people work at the UPS complex, which is focused on package sorting and delivery. Even so, UPS officials also said that they have not been able to identify the suspect yet, but did confirm that they are “cooperating with law enforcement”.

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