Shia LaBoeuf goes off the grid in Sweden

Part of latest performance art piece

Actor Shia LaBeouf has a long history of eccentric behavior, so his latest stunt is not as strange as you’d once have found it. This time, he plans to spend an entire month isolated in a cabin in the middle of Finland’s Lapland region, which is removed from most of civilization. He plans to only keep in contact with a Helsinki museum via text message for the month. This is part of an artistic project organized by Nastja Ronkko and Luke Turner called #ALLALONETOGETHER. Ronkko and Turner also plan to isolate themselves in different cabins.

LaBeouf is allowing anyone who visits the Kiasama Museum in Helsinki to send him a text message. LaBeouf is allowed to respond to those text messages, but he will be unable to text any of the other isolated artists. The museum has also organized an online livestream of people at the museum, as well as the text messages LaBeouf and the project participants are sending.

This is only the next in a long series of performance art projects LaBeouf has participated in. He once wore a paper bag on his head to the red carpet premiere of Nymphomaniac. He also sat in silence in a museum as he allowed people to do whatever they wanted to him, including, as he alleges, rape him. This actually isn’t his first livestreaming project either, as he once livestreamed himself watching his own movies in a New York City theater for 72 hours straight. He worked with Ronkko and Turner when the three hitchhiked across the United States and publicized their GPS coordinates using the #TakeMeAnywhere hashtag.

More recently, LaBoeuf has taken heat for his artistic endeavors. A couple of days ago, he set up an anti-Trump project in New York, New Mexico and England that had to be shut down after vandals hacked the art project’s site and Trump supporters messing with the pieces. LaBoeuf was arrested in January for an altercation during a livestream of a political protest, although those charges were later dropped.

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