Phil Lord and Chris Miller kicked off Han Solo movie

Ron Howard leading replacement candidate

In a very unusual move for Hollywood, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been removed from the director chairs of the Han Solo spinoff in the Disney operated Star Wars cinematic universe. According to reports, Lord and Miller were only two or three weeks away from wrapping up principal photography on the project. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy cited “creative differences” as a major reason in cutting ties with the directorial duo. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lord and Miller were going too heavy on irreverent humor, a style that served them well on the features that made them a hot ticket in Hollywood, such as 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie. Lawrence Kasdan, the writer of the Han Solo film, disagreed with the direction Lord and Miller were giving to his script, and it appeared that Kennedy sided with the Star Wars stalwart over the newcomer directors. This isn’t entirely unprecedented, as Tony Gilroy took over the direction of extensive reshoots made on Rogue One, which was directed initially by Gareth Edwards. Among the frontrunners to replace Lord and Miller at the helm is Ron Howard, who is known in Hollywood circles as a steady hand. It’s unclear how this move will affect the initially planned release date of May 2018 for the Han Solo spinoff.

This comes on the heels of a bad week for fellow Star Wars director Colin Trevorow, who is currently in the process of finishing writing on Episode IX. Trevorow, who became famous for his work on the box office mega hit Jurassic World, is currently going through mass bashings for his latest release, The Book of Henry, which bombed even in a limited premiere over the weekend. Star Wars fans are particularly worried about the direction he will take the franchise, considering that he has writing credits on both Episode IX and The Book of Henry.

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