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    NBA announces 2016-17 All-Rookie Team

    The NBA has released his All-Rookie team, and the first team was headlined by Philadelphia 76ers forward/center Joel Embiid. The 22-year-old was selected with the third overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft, but didn’t step on the court for the first two seasons of his career due to nagging injuries in his right foot, […]

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    John McEnroe says Serena Williams would be 700th in men’s circuit

    In an interview promoting his new memoir, But Seriously, former tennis superstar John McEnroe made a somewhat controversial statement, claiming that current superstar Serena Williams would be “like number 700 in the world” if she played in the men’s circuit. McEnroe recognized that Williams is the greatest female tennis player of all time and that […]

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    Man saves girl from fall off Six Flags ride

    A 14-year-old girl who fell out of an amusement park ride is safe after 47-year-old Matthew Howard caught her. Howard and his 21-year-old daughter, Leeann Winchell, were leaving Six Flags Great Escape Amusement Park when they saw the girl dangling 25 feet above the ground, with her younger brother struggling to hold onto her. Howard […]

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    Strange human-like deformed lamb goes viral in Africa

    Locals in South Africa were shocked and horrified when a deformed lamb was born bearing an appearance similar to that of an imaginary half-man, half-sheep. The photos, which were taken at Lady Frere, 200 miles south of Bloemfontein, went viral on African social media and even made its way to conspiracy sites overseas. One villager, […]

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    Phil Montag: “I’m glad [Steve Scalise] got shot”

    Phil Montag, an official from the Nebraska Democratic Party, has been removed after a recording leaked catching him in the act of celebrating the shooting of Republican U.S. Representative Steve Scalise. In the recording, he calls the House majority whip a “motherf**ker” for his support of the Republican Party’s stance on healthcare, and proceeds to […]

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    Ron Howard officially hired for Han Solo movie

    Ron Howard has officially been hired by Disney and Lucasfilm to take over the untitled Han Solo spinoff film in the Star Wars franchise, days after previous project directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired. “I’ve been a fan forever. It’s gratifying to be asked to lend my voice to the universe,” Howard said […]

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    2017 NBA Draft Recap

    The NBA Draft took place on Thursday night with few surprises at the top of the first round, but several interesting trades going on before the draft and in the middle of the first round. The top pick was owned by the Philadelphia 76ers, who acquired the selection in a pre-draft trade with the Boston […]

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    California bans state travel to 4 states because of LGBT discrimination laws

    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has installed a ban on state-funded travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota due to measures those states have passed that limited the rights of LGBT people. Specifically, Texas, Alabama and South Dakota have passed bills this year allowing adoption and foster parent agencies to refuse service to LGBT […]

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    London police say fridge accident caused tower fire

    London police have come to the conclusion that the fire that burned down a 24-story apartment high-rise and killed dozens was caused by an accident involving a refrigerator freezer of the Hotpoint brand. Tests are still being done on the refrigerator with the cooperation of the manufacturer; neither the manufacturer nor the government had previously […]

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    Tesla considering starting its own music streaming service

    In a strange turn, CEO of electric automaker Tesla, billionaire Elon Musk, says he is interested in creating his own streaming music service. According to a report by Recode, Tesla has held talks with major record labels to license a proprietary music service that would come with Tesla vehicles, which already have high tech dashboards […]