NJ Gov. Chris Christie rips Eli Manning over memorabilia scandal

Says Peyton wouldn’t have gotten involved because he’s smarter

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie surprised some folks when he gave his hot take on the Eli Manning equipment scandal this morning on “Boomer and Carton”, one of the most popular sports radio shows in New York City. “He got caught. Could you ever imagine Peyton being involved in this? No, definitely not. Peyton’s smarter,” Christie said of the New York Giants’ quarterback, comparing him to his more accomplished brother Peyton Manning.

Eli Manning is in hot water after a report came out that Manning is involved a fake sports memorabilia scheme. He was caught red-handed according to Christie when an e-mail became public in which Eli asked Giants head equipment manager Joe Skiba for “two helmets that can pass as game used”. That e-mail was included in a lawsuit filed by collectors against Manning, Skiba, memorabilia company Steiner Sports and the Giants. According to the suit, Steiner Sports had a contract with Manning for game used equipment, and Manning allegedly skirted that.

Christie also laid blame at the foot of the entire franchise. “The Giants participated in this as well, so [Giants owner] John Mara’s going to have to open the checkbook. Now there’s all kinds of ramifications for the Giants as a brand. Are they a lying cheating franchise?” Christie posed. It should be noted that Christie is infamous for being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys despite governing the state that houses the one of the Cowboys’ biggest rivals.

The Giants released a statement defending Manning, claiming that the plaintiffs are nothing more than sneaky businesses trying to get a huge payout. “Eli Manning is well known for his integrity and this is just the latest misguided attempt to defame his character,” the statement continued. Christie responded to that statement, saying, “If it’s out of context, put it in context. Release the other things where Eli’s like, ‘Just joking.’ Give a good statement or shut up.”

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