Naples apartment building collapses, 8 missing

Early speculation says bad renovation work is to blame

At least eight people are currently missing after a five story apartment building in Naples, Italy collapsed early Friday morning. The missing includes two families, each of which had at least one child. Firefighters, search and rescue dogs and other volunteers are currently digging through the rubble, some by hand, in order to find the victims. The site is only three miles away from the archaeological site of Pompeii, where many Italians were buried under ash two thousand years ago. According to witnesses, it was first the third and fourth floors of the building that gave way before the rest of the building collapsed under those floors’ weight. It’s currently unclear what caused the collapse, as some witnesses said they heard an explosion before the collapse at 6 AM, but others claim that was just a train passing by on train tracks near the building. The Italian railway has immediately freed themselves of any responsibility for the collapse, assuring locals that vibrations from nearby trains are not supposed to have any impact on the stability of properly constructed buildings. As a result of the accident, the train line between Naples and Mount Vesuvius/Pompeii has been temporarily closed due to its proximity to the site of the collapse.

Other speculators believe it had to do with shoddy work on renovations that were being done to the building. The Naples neighborhood where this accident occurred is no stranger to situations like this, as a similar collapse happened at an apartment building in August 2014, injuring two. Investigations later revealed that the local authorities had previously ordered the building’s owners to carry out renovations to improve the safety of the residence three years prior to the collapse. The news also brings to mind the tragic Grenfell Tower fire last month in London that killed over 80 residents.

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