Michelle Obama’s hairstylist reveals secrets

Photo of Michelle’s natural hair surfaces

A picture has surfaced of Michelle Obama, wife of former President Barack Obama, with natural hair, and her hairstylist has confirmed that the picture was taken recently. “She just got back from vacation, I think, on Friday. I’m not sure if it was her going to the airport or coming back. But that is her, and it is recent,” Wright said of the picture.

Wright says that Michelle’s hair has been mostly natural for the majority of her time at the White House. Wright explains: “I stopped doing her relaxer the first year of the administration. Very shortly after that, her hair grew out completely. She has no relaxer anywhere on her hair, not even on the tips.” Wright explains further in the interview with Refinery29 that he focused mostly on keeping Michelle’s texture consistent. He emphasized the importance of keeping Michelle’s hair soft and moisturized while she grew her hair out. Wright trimmed Michelle every four to six weeks.

Other tidbits that Wright dropped on Michelle’s hair regimen included a usage of steam treatments to keep her hair healthy and shiny. “They’re important because they help build that resistance against humidity, and they keep the hair really strong,” Wright highlighted as the benefits of these steam treatments. Wright also says that he used Jonathan-brand products for treatment and Oribe products for styling. Wright says that Michelle would usually use a mixture of 4A, 4B and 4C textures in her hair. She is also known to put her hair in a ponytail when out of the public eye, according to Wright.

Some have wondered aloud why Michelle never used her curls in office, and Wright simply responded to this question by saying it’s what Michelle wanted. However, Wright denies that public reaction was ever discussed as a reason for not doing it. “You can’t dictate the way you want to tell your story through your aesthetic by what the backlash would or wouldn’t be. I don’t think that’s a conversation we would’ve had. We don’t think that way,” Wright said.

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