La La and Carmelo separate after dancer affair

Dancer says she’s 6 months pregnant with Carmelo’s child

The newest rumor coming out of the split between NBA star Carmelo Anthony and aspiring actress/entrepreneur La La Vasquez is that Anthony may have gotten a gentleman’s club dancer pregnant. According to a report by TMZ Sports, there is a woman who claims she is 6 months pregnant with Anthony’s child and expects to receive some form of child support and financial compensation for medical expenses from the New York Knick.

Anthony and Vasquez’s separation was first reported on Monday, after being in a relationship for over a decade and seven years of marriage. They first met in 2004 on an episode of Total Request Live, an MTV show hosted by Vasquez that day. It appears that this revelation about Anthony’s relationship with a dancer contributed to the separation, and sources say there is “virtually zero chance” of reconciliation at this stage. It doesn’t seem that this incident was the inciting event, but more of a final straw. A source close to the couple told Daily News, “They have been fighting for about a year. The marriage has always been a rocky one.” Vasquez has already moved out of Anthony’s home and into her own New York City apartment. They have a ten-year-old son, Kiyan, and it is unknown how custody will work yet.

It’s been a bad past couple of weeks for Anthony, as he has led the Knicks to yet another disappointing non-playoff season. Furthermore, Knicks president Phil Jackson once again expressed his disdain for Anthony, saying that he “would be better off somewhere else.” Anthony has a no-trade clause and had refused to accept a trade proposal for years, although some theorized that was because of Vasquez’s preference for staying in New York City. As a result, it is worth paying attention to the possibility that Anthony could finally accept a trade out of New York this offseason if the separation between him and Vasquez lasts.

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