Kirsten Gillibrand uses f-word twice at public event

Early Democratic presidential possibility known for looseness with language

In a rare case of vulgarity in U.S. Congress, Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand from New York said in a speech to activists, “If we are not helping people, we should go the f**k home.” She immediately apologized, but justified her usage of the language by saying that they were a younger audience. Later in the speech, she also referred to U.S. President Donald Trump when saying, “Has he kept any of his promises? No! F**k no.” While it is rare for Congress members to swear in public, Gillibrand did use the f-word several times in a book she published in 2014, and has also used it occasionally in printed interviews. Actually, her first usage of the f-word in the speech was almost a word-for-word copy of a line she used in an April interview published in New York Magazine.

She is preparing for a re-election campaign for her Senate seat next year, and is a dark horse for potential Democratic presidential candidates in 2020. Some are looking for a principled candidate that can provide enough emotion to spur the Democratic base to action, something that was missing, according to some Democratic analysts, in the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Gillibrand used the angry language at a New York City conference of political activists and workers in the field of technology, who applauded her use of the curse words. In the speech, Gillibrand also expressed her anger at Trump failing to improve health care or the tax system, two fields that Trump focused on during his 2016 campaign for the presidency. Furthermore, when asked about the “covfefe” controversy, Gillibrand expressed her belief that Trump used the typo as an opportunity to “b**ch about coverage”.

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