Jimmy John’s cashier cool under pressure in viral video

Thief later arrested by Kansas City police

The surveillance video of an armed robbery at a Kansas City franchise of Jimmy John’s has gone viral because of the calm behavior displayed by the cashier who was held up. At 9 PM on Wednesday, a man with a light blue sweatshirt came into the restaurant and seemed to want to order something like any other ordinary patron of the shop. Then, from one moment to another, the man pulls out a gun when asked for payment and points the gun at the cashier’s head. The cashier calmly takes out the cash register’s tray as the man screams at him and his coworkers. Once he hands the gunman the money, the cashier walked away as the gunman left the shop. After a day of searching by the Kansas City police, the suspect was identified and arrested. On Twitter, Jimmy John’s account responded to the apprehending of the criminal by using one of their slogans: “Wow, Freaky Fast capture! KC police are Rockstars!”

After later analysis of the video, many Internet watchers have deduced that the gun used in the robbery got jammed, which may have resulted in the thief’s increasing annoyance during the process of the crime, as well as a contributing factor to the cashier’s nonchalance at the whole affair. The cashier remains anonymous, but many commenters are calling him a representative for service workers across the fast food industry, who have become hardened after having to deal with a myriad of difficult customers.

While the incident would be harrowing for customers in the store at the time, Jimmy John’s is probably enjoying the publicity that the sandwich chain has been receiving over the Internet in the past 24 hours. A couple of days ago, it was announced that Jimmy John’s would have its second annual Customer Appreciation Day on May 2, in which it would sell selected subs on its menu for $1 between 4 and 8 PM.

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