Golden State Warriors hold championship parade through Oakland

Draymond Green the star of the ceremony

The Golden State Warriors celebrated their second NBA championship in the past three years with a parade through the downtown area of Oakland, California on Thursday. Stephen Curry was the holder of the Larry O’Brien trophy, and was flanked by his wife and children. Curry also got off the bus and gave high-fives to the parade spectators at various points during the procession. Meanwhile, Finals MVP Kevin Durant was with his mom on a separate bus. Draymond Green, meanwhile, was spotted in a golf cart during the parade, one Twitter photo even catching him getting the cart in mid-air. At the ending ceremony, Green called out his friend, Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James, for claiming that he never played for a super team. Green was also notably wearing a shirt that said “Quickie”, referencing the quick dispatch of the Cavaliers in the finals at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr expressed his pride in the team that “came back from the heartbreak of last year”, and also was in a joking mood, saying about the size of the spectator crowd, “I was expecting more.” The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in last year’s finals to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The parade also comes at a precarious time for Oakland sports fans. News came in recently that the Oakland Raiders of the NFL is beginning preparations to move to Las Vegas, Nevada by 2020. Additionally, the Warriors themselves are moving to a new arena across the Bay in San Francisco; the arena is slated to open by 2019. Because of the juxtaposed moves, at least one Oakland resident called the parade “a bittersweet moment”, although he said he would still be a Warriors fan, reasoning, “No matter where they go, it’s still in the Golden State.”

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