Fyre Festival postponed after disaster start

Accommodations not ready, catering disappointing

The Fyre Festival, which was advertised as the newest installment in a growing circuit of luxury music gatherings, has been officially postponed after its opening was billed a disaster. The festival was scheduled to begin on Thursday afternoon, but festivalgoers who arrived at the Bahamian island were shocked to see a stark disorganization, including unfinished tents and makeshift meals. According to an e-mail sent out by Fyre Festival management, “Due to circumstances out of our control, the physical infrastructure was not in place on-time and are unable to fulfill on that vision safely and enjoyably for our guests. The festival is being postponed until we can further assess if and when we are able to create the high-quality experience we envisioned.”

The issues began when festivalgoers who were scheduled to fly to the island late Wednesday night were informed that the Exumas island no longer had accommodations available. As a result, some people were immediately trying to get refunds on, in some cases, thousands of dollars spent on packages for this inaugural festival. Those who made it to the island were forced to wait around for hours before being escorted to the accommodations, which were advertised to buyers as private cabanas. Later, it was found that the accommodations were average tents similar to the ones used in disaster relief projects with no supervision or care, as the premises were wet due to a recent rain. Because of the lack of supervision, several festivalgoers went into a free-for-all and took mattresses and pillows from the tents that were furnished. Later, it was found that the “culinary experience” promised for the Fyre Festival ended up being a simple cheese sandwich and a bag of chips. The lack of quality food plus a quick water shortage led many to attempt to leave the grounds, although security reportedly tried to prevent many from reaching outside transportation. The festival is expected to issue refunds to most, if not every person with a ticket.

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