French Instagram model dies from freak whipped cream can accident

High-pressure dispenser exploded, sending shrapnel to hit her chest

Rebecca Burger, a popular Instagram model in France, was the victim of a freak accident when she attempted to open a whipped cream can, which then exploded and caused shrapnel to ricochet into her chest. The 33-year-old was immediately given medical attention, but she was declared dead of cardiac arrest on June 18. The Burger family went public with the announcement of her death on June 21.

C'est avec une grande tristesse que nous annonçons le décès de Rebecca le dimanche 18 juin 2017 suite à un accident…

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Rebecca Burger‎‏ في 21 يونيو، 2017

The Burger family also posted a picture of the type of can Burger was trying to open, saying that the siphon struck her throat. “The siphon that caused her death was sealed. Do not use this kind of utensil in your home! Several tens of thousands of defective devices are still in circulation,” the post read. This specific type of dispenser works by injecting gas into a metal container, which keeps the contents under high pressure. Other consumer groups in France have warned about this type of dispenser for years, saying that a faulty connector can cause the dispenser to expel at high speed and cause an explosion. According to French consumer magazine 60 Millions, broken teeth, tinnitus and even loss of sight in one eye are some of the injuries sustained from explosions from this type of device in the past.

Voici un exemple de siphon à chantilly qui a explosé et percuté le thorax de Rebecca, entraînant son décès. Précision : le siphon qui a engendré sa mort quant à lui été mis sous scellé. N'utilisez pas ce genre d'ustensile chez vous ! Plusieurs dizaines de milliers d'appareils défectueux sont encore en circulation.

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Burger had accumulated over 160,000 followers on Instagram and 55,000 followers on Facebook, the majority coming from France. She was popular for her posts revolving around the fields of fitness, travel, diet and lifestyle. She was scheduled to take trips to Barcelona, Dubai and Zanzibar as part of her partnership with the fitness company Women’s Best. Women’s Best later commented on Instagram, saying, “Rebecca was not only a great fitness figure but a generous and kind person to work with. Please pray for her soul to rest in peace and for her family to stay strong. We will always be proud of you Rebecca.”

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