“Facebook Killer” on the loose

Livestreamed murder of random victim on social media site

A manhunt is ongoing for the newly-christened “Facebook Killer” after video came out of his heinous acts on Sunday. While others were celebrating Easter, Steve Stephens was busy livestreaming himself as he shot Robert Godwin in Cleveland, Ohio. Stephens also claimed in the video that he’s murdered other people in the past. Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams tried to calm down the local community by saying, “So far there has been one fatality, one homicide. We are still asking Steve to turn himself in, but if he doesn’t we will find him.” Police did stress that Stephens is considered armed and dangerous, and that he should not be approached by civilians.

Stephens is a 37-year-old African-American who was spotted with a white Ford Fusion in the Facebook video. In that filming, he targets Godwin, who was collecting cans to return them for a deposit at the time of his death. He gave no reason for targeting Godwin, so motives are unclear as of yet. Stephens did post on Facebook a rant complaining about “losing everything” to gambling. Stephens was most recently a case manager for a local children’s behavioral health agency.

People latched onto this story because of the random nature of the murder, as well as Stephens’ general nonchalance at the whole situation. In the video, he calmly states, “I found somebody I’m about to kill. I’m going to kill this guy right here. He’s an old dude, too.” After the shooting, he says, “I shamed myself. I snapped, I snapped… I’m about to keep killing until they catch me.” In the meandering aftermath of the murder, he also blames his behavior on his annoyance with his girlfriend, and goes as far as to laugh about the killing. The most recent tip on Stephens’ whereabouts came from Pennsylvania, although Cleveland police are also aware of him potentially escaping to New York, Indiana or Michigan.

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