Erendira Wallenda hangs over Niagara Falls by her teeth

Breaks altitude record set by her famous husband daredevil Nik

Erendira Wallenda hangs by her teeth while suspended from a helicopter above Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls, N.Y., Thursday, June 15, 2017. Wallenda, the aerialist wife of daredevil Nik Wallenda, was tethered to a hoop suspended from a helicopter 300 feet (91 meters) above the water. After performing a few acrobatic maneuvers, she briefly hung twice by her teeth with the use of a tethered mouth guard in between hanging upside-down by her toes for a few seconds. (AP Photo/Bill Wippert)

Erendira Wallenda, the wife of the famous daredevil Nik Wallenda, managed to dangle 300 feet above Niagara Falls by her teeth, which breaks a record previously held by her husband. Nik is more famous for becoming the first person to cross Niagara Falls on a high wire, but Erendira one upped the feat when she hung out of a helicopter by her teeth for 20 seconds above Horseshoe Falls, the largest of the three falls that make up Niagara Falls. She took off at 8:30 AM and had to do the stunt just above the famous mist emitted from the waterfalls. Her 300 foot altitude broke Wallenda’s 250-foot dangle by the teeth done over a Missouri theme park in 2011. In the middle of the performance, Erendira also weaved in and out of a hula hoop, as well as dangling for short periods of time by her knees and her toes.

As soon as Erendira made it back to land, she got a kiss and a hug from her husband. Nik expressed his joy to reporters later, saying, β€œIt was absolutely amazing. To be out there watching her… she had a huge grin on her face the whole time.” After the performance, Erendira commented, β€œIf a guy can do it, a girl can do it too. We just do it with a little more grace.” She also said that the stunt was more difficult than expected, given that the wind was stronger than it was in her practice sessions in Florida. However, before the stunt, she was aware that fear was not an option at any point during the performance. β€œIf you’re scared of it, then it becomes dangerous. I respect what I do, but I definitely will be taking in the view. That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, but I’m definitely not fearful,” Erendira said.

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