Chloe Grace Moretz speaks out against body-shaming advertisement for her own movie

Ad implies that fatter version of character is uglier

Rising Hollywood starlet Chloe Grace Moretz has spoken out against the advertising campaign for Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, saying that she was “appalled and angry” when she discovered that posters for the upcoming animated film had taken a body-shaming tone. “This wasn’t approved by me or my team. The actual story is powerful for young women and resonated with me. I am sorry for the offense that was beyond my creative control,” Moretz wrote on Twitter when she was informed of the advertising for the film in which she provides the voice of the titular Red Shoes. In one billboard placed at the illustrious Cannes Film Festival in France, the tagline reads: “What if Snow White was no longer beautiful,” as we see a plumper version of the character staring at the skinnier version.

Moretz was far from the first to take offense at the campaign strategy. Kyle Buchanan, senior editor for New York Magazine, wrote that the cartoon was “questionable”. Plus-size model Tess Holliday tweeted, “How did this get approved by an entire marketing team? Why is it okay to tell young kids being fat = Ugly?” Sujin Hwang, one of the film’s producer, later made a statement saying that the campaign would be terminated and that it transmitted the wrong message: “We realize [this] has had the opposite effect from that which was intended. Our film, a family comedy, carries a message designed to challenge social prejudices related to standards of physical beauty in society by emphasizing the importance of inner beauty.”

The controversy over the film’s marketing has brought attention to the questionable atmosphere around the whole movie, which is still seeking a distributor. On the one hand, the studio has called it a parody film, while also placing it in the family genre. Yet, a since deleted trailer that can still be found elsewhere on the Internet shows two dwarves watching Red Shoes strip to her lingerie.

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