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    Syria and Russia deny U.S. accusations of chemical attack plans

    Syrian and Russian authorities have denied accusations from the White House that a chemical attack is being planned. In the statement released by the American government on Monday, they warned that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad would “pay a heavy price” if they ended up going through with the plan. Ali Haidar, a Syrian government minister, […]

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    Strange human-like deformed lamb goes viral in Africa

    Locals in South Africa were shocked and horrified when a deformed lamb was born bearing an appearance similar to that of an imaginary half-man, half-sheep. The photos, which were taken at Lady Frere, 200 miles south of Bloemfontein, went viral on African social media and even made its way to conspiracy sites overseas. One villager, […]

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    London police say fridge accident caused tower fire

    London police have come to the conclusion that the fire that burned down a 24-story apartment high-rise and killed dozens was caused by an accident involving a refrigerator freezer of the Hotpoint brand. Tests are still being done on the refrigerator with the cooperation of the manufacturer; neither the manufacturer nor the government had previously […]

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    Canadian sniper sets world record longest kill shot

    A sniper in the Canadian special forces has broken a world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history. Some time in early June, a member of Joint Task Force 2 killed an ISIS insurgent in Iraq from 3,540 meters away. “For operational security reasons and to preserve the safety of our personnel […]

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    ISIS self-bombs historic Mosul mosque

    In a huge moment for the battle for Mosul, the United States and Iraq believe ISIS blew up a historic mosque that was considered the birthplace of ISIS’ self-declared caliphate. ISIS, through their propaganda wing, blamed the bombing on American warplanes. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called the bombing “an official announcement of their defeat”, […]

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    Russia suspends ties with U.S. after Syrian plane downed

    Russia on Monday expressed their anger at the American military shooting down a Syrian warplane, calling it an act of “military aggression”, and has responded with the suspension of military communication between Moscow and Washington, D.C., which is usually maintained to avoid conflicts of flight routes within Syrian airspace. “All flying objects, including planes and […]

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    Van runs over several Muslims outside London mosque

    At least one person is dead and ten others were injured after a van drove through a crowd of Muslim worshippers near a London mosque, in the latest terror attack to mar the United Kingdom’s reputation this year. The attack occurred some time after midnight, when evening Ramadan prayers had just finished up. Civilians in […]