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    Serena Williams is pregnant

    One of the biggest stars in tennis history dropped a bombshell on Wednesday: Serena Williams, 35 years old, posted on Snapchat the news that she is 20 weeks pregnant. She will be expecting the child with her fiancé, Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the popular news aggregator Reddit. The news was announced with a selfie of […]

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    Nintendo planning to release Mini SNES

    Nintendo is preparing to release a mini SNES system by Christmas of this year, which is great news to fans of classic consoles. This comes quickly after the recent news that Nintendo was discontinuing the popular throwback NES Classic Edition, which worried fans until this new announcement was made. The NES Classic was a huge […]

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    David Fizdale: “TAKE THAT FOR DATA!”

    We have our latest coach rant going viral courtesy of Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale, who was furious after his team’s playoff loss to the San Antonio Spurs. The most soundbite-y parts of the rant that are being extracted are his phrases, “They’re not going to rook us!” and “Take that for data!”. The Grizzlies […]

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    Snapchat CEO accused of calling India poor

    Snapchat just got itself in trouble with one of the most populated countries in the world, after the remarks of a high executive got released today. In a lawsuit filed by Anthony Pompliano, a former Snapchat employee, an anecdote is detailed in which Pompliano asked CEO Evan Spiegel about Snapchat expanding into growth areas, upon […]

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    Australian rapper dives into ocean to escape bill

    An Australian rapper had to be chased down by police after jumping into the ocean to escape a restaurant bill. Terry Peck, otherwise known in the rap business as 2Pec, ordered two lobsters, a baby octopus, beer and many oyster shooters at a Gold Coast seafood restaurant. He was then presented with the $621 bill, […]

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    United Airlines roughs up and drags doctor off flight

    United Airlines is getting major flak across the Internet for its treatment of a doctor who was asked to give up his paid-for seat on a flight from Chicago to Louisville. The video that’s circulating shows the doctor being shoved into a metal armrest and dragged down the aisle forcibly by airline security on Sunday. […]

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    Uber driver gets compensated for dealing with rape accuser

    An Uber driver is being rewarded for enduring one of the worst passengers ever recorded. This passenger was recorded threatening to accuse the driver of rape if she didn’t get what she wanted. Uber has since rewarded the man with a lifetime supply of phone chargers, a nod to the woman’s complaint that the car […]

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    Dad Drains The Account and Kicks His Wife and Kids Out. Years Later, He Walks into THIS restaurant…

    The story of Sean Whalen at a Chinese restaurant is making its way around the Internet for its inspirational nature. According to Whalen’s project, the Lions Not Sheep Experience, Whalen took his son to a restaurant to grab a bite to eat. Whalen wrote on Facebook that a waitress who attended to their table struck […]