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    New Orleans tearing down Confederate statues

    The city of New Orleans is bowing to national opinion and has begun removing four monuments dedicated to the city’s Confederate era, despite protests from local groups who argue for the preservation of the Southern U.S.’ less savory parts of history. One monument dismantled was an obelisk dedicated to the Crescent City White League, which […]

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    North Korea threatens U.S. with detaining of citizen

    North Korea continues to increase its hostility with the United States, as they have simultaneously detained an American professor and threatened to sink a U.S. Navy vessel if provoked. U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke over the phone on Monday to discuss the verbal provocation by North Korea, with Xi reportedly […]

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    San Francisco experiences major blackout

    The city of San Francisco got hit by a massive power outage today, putting over 90,000 residents in a blackout. The outage began around 9 AM local time, and Pacific Gas & Electric immediately began assessing the problem. A cause for the blackout has not been officially pinpointed yet. The outage was particularly harmful to […]

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    Several Patriots stars skip White House visit

    The NFL’s New England Patriots made the traditional trip to the White House on Wednesday as a reward for winning the Super Bowl in a memorable February comeback against the Atlanta Falcons. However, the biggest news that came out of the meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump was how small the contingent of Patriots was […]

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    Ann Coulter enraged at UC Berkeley cancelling her speech

    Conservative legend Ann Coulter has taken a defiant attitude towards the University of California at Berkeley after the college cancelled her planned speech on April 27. Despite the university’s worries of safety concerns, Coulter vows to go to Berkeley and carry out her visit anyway. As she put it on an appearance with Fox News […]

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    Aaron Hernandez found dead in Prison Cell

    Aaron Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell today just days after being found not guilty for a double homicide.  Hernandez was however serving a life sentence for the First Degree murder of Oden LLoyd.  Reports state that Hernandez jammed the entrance to his cell and hung himself with a sheet from the window […]

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    Cal-Exit leader moves to Russia and gives up secession dream

    The California secession movement, always viewed as one of the weirder pet projects among the eccentricities of the West Coast, seems to have come to a temporary end, as one of the major campaigns in the movement has decided to call it quits. Louis Marinelli, president of the Yes California Independence Campaign, told his supporters […]

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    Army helicopter crashes into golf course

    An odd scene turned tragic unfurled at the Breton Bay Golf and Country Club in Leonardtown, Maryland today, as a military helicopter crashed onto the golf course. The U.S. Army UH-60 Blackhawk took off from Fort Belvoir in Virginia before crashing into the course approximately at 1:50 PM local time. Three crew members were in […]

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    United Airlines allegedly pulls couple off flight

    United Airlines isn’t quite out of the public relations weeds after last week’s debacle, but the airline takes another hit after news came out that they removed a couple heading to their own wedding for vague reasons. Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell were set to marry on Thursday in Costa Rica, so they booked a […]