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    Bear who dragged camper out of sleeping bag euthanized

    Denver wildlife officials say that they have killed the bear blamed for dragging a camp employee from his sleeping bag on Sunday morning. The attack reportedly happened at 4 AM at Glacier View Ranch, a Christian camp in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado. 19-year-old Dylan says that he woke up to see the bear biting […]

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    NYPD and Secret Service apprehend man targeting Ivanka Trump

    According to New York City police, a man wearing a bulletproof vest with multiple hidden knives and a weighted sock tried to enter Trump Tower in the Big Apple at around 4 PM on Thursday with the purpose of finding Ivanka Trump, the daughter and a close adviser of U.S. President Donald Trump. 52-year-old Sixto […]

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    #CNNBlackmail campaign grows in memer identity fallout

    The Internet and Republicans have joined together to denounce CNN for their perceived threat towards a Reddit user who posted a wrestling meme that was later posted by U.S. President Donald Trump on his personal Twitter. Texas Senator and former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz went as far as to say CNN could be guilty […]

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    Boston taxi accident injures 10 at airport

    Ten people were injured in an incident outside of Logan International Airport in Boston, where a taxi cab drove into a crowd of other taxi drivers awaiting passengers on the airport’s curb. The driver, only identified as a 56-year-old man from the local town of Cambridge, later testified that it was an accident, saying that […]

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    Supreme Court partially unblocks Trump travel ban

    The Supreme Court has decided to allow a limited version of the travel ban instituted by U.S. President Donald Trump to take effect. This is a temporary measure, as the court plans to consider the constitutionality of the ban some time in the fall. The ban will apply to travelers from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, […]

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    Man saves girl from fall off Six Flags ride

    A 14-year-old girl who fell out of an amusement park ride is safe after 47-year-old Matthew Howard caught her. Howard and his 21-year-old daughter, Leeann Winchell, were leaving Six Flags Great Escape Amusement Park when they saw the girl dangling 25 feet above the ground, with her younger brother struggling to hold onto her. Howard […]

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    California bans state travel to 4 states because of LGBT discrimination laws

    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has installed a ban on state-funded travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota due to measures those states have passed that limited the rights of LGBT people. Specifically, Texas, Alabama and South Dakota have passed bills this year allowing adoption and foster parent agencies to refuse service to LGBT […]

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    Yellowstone grizzly bear is no longer endangered

    The Yellowstone grizzly bear, a long time poster boy for American endangered species, will be removed from the Endangered Species list according to the Interior Department. The Yellowstone grizzly bear at its lowest point only numbered 150, but the population has since grown to over 700. Proposals to remove the endangered status have floated around […]

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    Canadian stabs police officer in Flint airport

    A 50-year-old Canadian man stabbed a police officer in the neck and back in a horrific Wednesday attack at Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan. The authorities have since treated as an “act of terrorism” and say Amor Ftouhi is being charged with violence at an international airport. According to FBI special agent David Gelios, […]