Cars 3 pushes Wonder Woman out of top spot at box office

All Eyez on Me outperforms, while Rough Night and The Book of Henry bomb

In the June 19 box office, Pixar’s latest feature, Cars 3, managed to debut in first place among films currently out, despite earning less than the previous two installments of the franchise in their opening weekends. Cars 3 earned $53.6 million, compared to Cars‘ $60.1 million and Cars 2′ $66.1 million. This showing is Pixar’s second-worst inflation-adjusted opening, just ahead of The Good Dinosaur, which earned $39 million in its 2015 opening weekend. However, the Cars franchise does a lot of its damage overseas, and it’s expected that this offering will act the same way.

In any case, Cars 3 was able to knock Wonder Woman, the DC Cinematic Universe presentation in theaters right now, out of the top spot. Wonder Woman is still going strong, with $40.7 million earned in its third weekend in the United States. It only suffered a 32% drop from last weekend, a better-than-average drop compared to most movies going into their third weekend out.

In third place was the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez on Me, which surpassed expectations with $27.1 million earned in its debut weekend. The release date was positioned to be on what would have been Shakur’s 46th birthday. 4th place was owned by the second weekend of Tom Cruise’s critically blasted Dark Universe film The Mummy, which earned $13.9 million. The top five was rounded out by the debut of the Mandy Moore ocean thriller 47 Meters Down, which opened to $11.5 million.

The other big-budget debut that bombed was Rough Night, an R-rated comedy featuring Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and Ilana Glazer that could only manage $8.1 million, putting it in seventh place. Of course, there was also the latest release by Jurassic World director Colin Trevorow entitled The Book of Henry. This film was eviscerated by film critics, and is expected to finish with a horrific $1.6 million opening weekend.

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