British man gives backstory on incredible weight loss

Loses 140 pounds in amazing transformation

Mark Ludlow has come back into the viral news world after he elaborated on his backstory on the same site that talked about his transformation. LADBible published a story on Ludlow two weeks ago discussing how Ludlow lost 140 pounds during a grueling weight loss program.

In the original article, it was explained how Ludlow had battled obesity in addition to learning difficulties, bullying, social anxiety and depression while he was growing up. He documented the final ten weeks of this weight loss regimen, and the site showed the results, which looked like the pictures of your standard male underwear model. The article reported that Ludlow currently works as a life coach.

In the update article posted today, Ludlow confirmed that he is also making a living as a personal trainer in addition to his life coaching gig. He explained that he was in special education until the age of seven, upon which he was thrust into a “normal” school, where the bullying began. The issue was worsened by his weight issues, which began early. Ludlow says he was first classified as overweight when he was either three or four years old. By the time he made it to the standard school system, he had developed low self-esteem that was worsened by name-calling from the students.

When he was in high school, he adopted a bad boy persona in an attempt to defend himself. Although beating kids up worked for a time, he says that soon the bullies would wait for him outside the school with baseball bats and crowbars. Despite the tough veneer, he still felt alone, and went into food comas as a coping mechanism. He attempted several diets in the 2000s and suffered through suicidal thoughts when these would fail him.

Ludlow eventually succeeded in losing weight by combining a strict eating plan and exercise regimen with social self-development. This included eye contact and memory exercises, as well as confidence-boosting sessions. Ludlow advises those who want to lose weight that the effort should be just as psychological as it is physical.

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