Boston taxi accident injures 10 at airport

Later determined to be accident, not terrorism

Ten people were injured in an incident outside of Logan International Airport in Boston, where a taxi cab drove into a crowd of other taxi drivers awaiting passengers on the airport’s curb. The driver, only identified as a 56-year-old man from the local town of Cambridge, later testified that it was an accident, saying that he stepped on the accelerator when he meant to hit the brakes. While the driver is still being interviewed, Massachusetts State Police later confirmed that the incident, which happened one day before Independence Day, was not suspected to be of terrorist nature. According to Major Frank McGinn, the driver was considered a “very nice gentlemen from his peers” and usually drove alone. This was confirmed by a driver at the scene who knew of the driver, describing him as “a Haitian guy, very cool guy, very nice guy, never talking to people.” The driver stayed at the scene until police arrived to inspect the situation. The police also informed the public that only one victim was in serious condition, although at least three suffered significant injuries. All ten were taken to local hospitals immediately after the incident.

After the immediate chaos of sorting out the source of the accident, there was relief in the United States over the determination that this was not a terrorist act. The strategy of driving a vehicle through a public place has increased in popularity among rogue ISIS agents. For example, a truck attack in Nice, France killed 84 people last July. London has particularly been a victim of this style of terrorist attack. In March, four people were killed and over 50 were injured when a car drove onto the pavement of a crowded street near Westminster Bridge. Just last month, a separate attack happened when a van drove onto the sidewalk of London Bridge and killed eight people, in addition to 48 injured.

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