Borussia Dortmund distracted in game following bus explosion

Loses to AS Monaco 3-2

Borussia Dortmund is angry at UEFA for making them play a match a day after their team bus was hit by explosives. The team lost their match against AS Monaco 3-2, which may have contributed to the team’s resentment towards UEFA. Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel explained how they found out that the postponement would only be 24 hours: “We were never asked, we were informed by a text message that the UEFA made a decision in Switzerland. It felt lousy. And that sticks with us. Minutes after the attacks the only question was whether the game could go through or not. We were treated as if a beer can was thrown at the bus.” Sokratis Papastathopoulos, a defender for Dortmund, was more explicit about UEFA’s decision: “They have to understand that we are not animals. We are people who have families, who have kids in the house. And we are not animals.” Midfielder Nuri Sahin summed up the mindset of most Dortmund players in that game in this way: “Until I was on the pitch in the second half I didn’t think about football, to be honest…. There is so much more than football in this world and last night we felt it.”

The attack happened on Tuesday while Dortmund was being transported to the stadium after leaving their hotel. The explosives blew out a rear window on a bus, and glass shards hit Dortmund defender Marc Bartra. Bartra was later diagnosed with a fractured wrist, and he required surgery as a result of the incident. Bartra posted a picture of himself online in which he has his arms bandaged, but he gives a thumbs up gesture. He is expected to miss several weeks due to the injury. German police later arrested a suspect linked to the attack, although there is still one at large.

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