Bear who dragged camper out of sleeping bag euthanized

Latest in bear attacks in Colorado

Denver wildlife officials say that they have killed the bear blamed for dragging a camp employee from his sleeping bag on Sunday morning. The attack reportedly happened at 4 AM at Glacier View Ranch, a Christian camp in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado. 19-year-old Dylan says that he woke up to see the bear biting his head and dragging him away. Dylan said he heard a crunching noise, presumably the bear’s teeth hitting Dylan’s skull. While four of his fellow camp employees tried to scare the bear, the animal reportedly left on his own accord. Dylan was immediately taken to the hospital but has already been released, with just scars on his forehead to remember the attack by. “I’m not afraid of the bears. I’m not afraid of sleeping outside anymore. You just have to be aware and respect the animals,” said Dylan, an experienced Wilderness Survival instructor.

Because the report said that the bear attacked unprovoked, local officials began tracking the “dangerous bear”, as they termed it. Bear attacks are not unheard of in Colorado, as four bears have had to be killed due to attacks in the southern part of the state around the city of Durango. For example, two bears were shot when homeowners caught bears breaking into their domiciles. And in a separate case, two bears were euthanized after killing pigs, chickens and a llama in southern Colorado. Bears in general are becoming more common in the state, as the state’s Park and Wildlife officials report over 100 calls have been fielded over bear sightings just last week. One spokesperson for the agency says that while they don’t enjoy euthanizing bears, they are sworn to uphold human safety above all else.

While the summer camp program will continue through its scheduled end date on July 16th. The camp’s staff is already trained for handling encounters with bears, wild cats and moose.

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