Bayern Munich fans attacked by Madrid police

Police also have to remove angry Bayern players following controversial loss

Bayern Munich is furious at Spanish police and has filed a complaint with UEFA on Wednesday following their loss to Real Madrid. According to Bayern, “completely misplaced and excessive” action was taken by the police at Santiago Bernabeu against rowdy Bayern fans. Video began to circulate after the game of police officers beating spectators with batons. These officers sported riot gear, including masks and body armor, when facing Bayern fans. The reason behind the police’s infringement on the Bayern section is unclear, although eyewitnesses say that some officers appeared to be focused on removing a banner. Madrid was aware of the tension that would be palpable between the two sides, which may be why 1800 police officers were hired on to “ensure that the match is held normally and that security is reinforced in and outside the stadium,” according to City Hall.

This situation was exacerbated by controversy on the field that angered Bayern fans. For example, Bayern’s Arturo Vidal was red carded in the 84th minute due to what analysts considered a weak foul. Then, once the game went into extra time to break the aggregate tie, Real’s Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals, both of which should have ruled offside according to video review after the game. “It’s quite remarkable how many decisions they got wrong today,” said Owen Hargeaves, former Bayern player and current BT Sport football analyst, following the match.

Vidal himself was furious in a post-game interview, saying, “This robbery cannot happen in the Champions League, it was clearly noticeable and it starts to make you doubt a bit. We wanted to qualify and this gives us a lot of rage, that a match of such intensity can be decided by the referee. He was very wrong and that has knocked us out of Europe.” Police even had to remove Vidal and his teammates, Thiago Alcantara and Robert Lewandowski, when they attempted to enter the head referee’s dressing room after the game.

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