Amanda Bynes announces return to acting

Says she has been sober for three years and also working in fashion

Actress Amanda Bynes gave her first serious interview in years after an extended period of struggles with drug abuse. In the interview with Good Morning America on Friday, Bynes said that she misses acting and is planning a serious return to the business. “Maybe a few guest spots on some shows that I’m a fan of and maybe another TV show where I’m the star of it,” Bynes said of her initial plans. This is a turnabout from 2010, when she announced her retirement from the business over Twitter.

After that retirement, she began running into issues with the law, spurred on by issues with drugs, such as a DUI and two alleged hit and run accidents, and culminating in a hospitalization and a commitment to a psychiatric hold in 2014. “I was on drugs and trying to be hilarious,” Bynes said of that period in her life. However, since hitting rock bottom, she says that she began adding more wholesome activities to her lifestyle. “I hike, I go spinning, take spinning classes, and I feed the homeless,” Bynes said. She also claims that she has been sober for three years, which would mark the beginning shortly after the psychiatric hold episode. Bynes is currently taking courses at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, pursuing a long time dream of beginning her own clothing line. “I love it. I learned how to sew. I make patterns,” Bynes says of her experience at the school.

She was also asked about some of her most erratic behavior, such as the 2013 tweet in which she wrote, “I want @drake to murder my vagina.” In the interview, Bynes said she was under the influence of drugs at the time and probably thought it was a “hilarious” way of asking Drake for a hook up. As for a brief spell where she dyed her hair blue and wore facial piercings, she says she was inspired by the look of model Blac Chyna.

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