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  • California bans state travel to 4 states because of LGBT discrimination laws

    California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has installed a ban on state-funded travel to Texas, Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota due to measures those states have passed that limited the rights of LGBT people. Specifically, Texas, Alabama and South Dakota have passed bills this year allowing adoption and foster parent agencies to refuse service to LGBT […]

  • London police say fridge accident caused tower fire

    London police have come to the conclusion that the fire that burned down a 24-story apartment high-rise and killed dozens was caused by an accident involving a refrigerator freezer of the Hotpoint brand. Tests are still being done on the refrigerator with the cooperation of the manufacturer; neither the manufacturer nor the government had previously […]

  • Tesla considering starting its own music streaming service

    In a strange turn, CEO of electric automaker Tesla, billionaire Elon Musk, says he is interested in creating his own streaming music service. According to a report by Recode, Tesla has held talks with major record labels to license a proprietary music service that would come with Tesla vehicles, which already have high tech dashboards […]

  • Yellowstone grizzly bear is no longer endangered

    The Yellowstone grizzly bear, a long time poster boy for American endangered species, will be removed from the Endangered Species list according to the Interior Department. The Yellowstone grizzly bear at its lowest point only numbered 150, but the population has since grown to over 700. Proposals to remove the endangered status have floated around […]

  • Canadian sniper sets world record longest kill shot

    A sniper in the Canadian special forces has broken a world record for the longest confirmed kill shot in military history. Some time in early June, a member of Joint Task Force 2 killed an ISIS insurgent in Iraq from 3,540 meters away. “For operational security reasons and to preserve the safety of our personnel […]

  • Marc-Andre Fleury heads Vegas Golden Knights expansion draft haul

    Veteran goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury was the biggest name selected in the NHL Expansion Draft for the newly founded Vegas Golden Knights franchise. The draft results were announced during the 2017 NHL Awards ceremony on Wednesday night, on the 14th anniversary of the Pittsburgh Penguins selecting Fleury with the first overall pick of the draft. After […]

  • French Instagram model dies from freak whipped cream can accident

    Rebecca Burger, a popular Instagram model in France, was the victim of a freak accident when she attempted to open a whipped cream can, which then exploded and caused shrapnel to ricochet into her chest. The 33-year-old was immediately given medical attention, but she was declared dead of cardiac arrest on June 18. The Burger […]

  • Coats and Rogers say Trump tried to get them to deny collusion publicly

    According to the latest meetings with the Special Counsel headed by former FBI director Robert Mueller, as well as separate meetings with Senate investigators, U.S. President Donald Trump made a concerted effort to persuade Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and National Security Agency Director Adm. Mike Rogers to publicly deny claims of collusion between […]

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    George Clooney sells tequila brand for over $700 million

    Hollywood star George Clooney just sold Casamigos, a tequila brand he co-founded in 2013, to Diageo for $700 million, with a potential for $300 million more depending on the hitting of certain sales targets over the course of the next decade. “If you asked us four years ago if we had a billion dollar company, […]

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    Virgin Mobile switching to iPhone-only

    Virgin Mobile USA, in an attempt to pull in more customers, has announced that it will transition into an iPhone only carrier, partnering with Apple to offer Virgin in their stores. To promote this change, they are giving a limited time offer of a year’s worth of unlimited talk, text and data for one dollar, […]

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